Obleas Story

We are a Colombian desserts shop where we are introducing a new product in Canada we are the only business who are selling this dessert called Obleas.

Obleas are very thin, round brown wafers—almost like a flattened waffle cone, but lighter—that are spread with sweet arequipe (Colombia's caramel) on top or between two wafers to create a delicious dessert sandwich.
These wafers, or Obleas as they're called in Colombia, are traditional Colombian snacks and are made only with wheat flour, water, and corn oil. Obleas can be eaten with arequipe, dulce de leche (milk caramel), jam and/or sweetened like condensed milk in the middle, people can add some other topping like fresh strawberries, banana, granola, coconut, chocolate chips, oreo cookies etc and combine with different sauces like strawberry, blueberries jam, condensed milk, chocolate sauce, Nutella etc.

It is cooked between two plates (wafer pans), like waffles, or sometimes flattened on an empty reel. In Germany, it is a thin biscuit with a base of unleavened bread with sugar. In Switzerland, the wafers are called bracelets. In Colombia, street vendors offered wafers from Bogota and now there is an Obleas Capital named Floridablanda in Bucaramanga which is a big main city in Colombia.