From which country  are the Obleas? 

From Colombia South America 

Do you have a current location?

No, we have only Pick up and delivery options

What are your hours?

Thursday to Friday 5 pm to 8 pm 

Saturday 12 pm to 8 pm 

Sunday 12 pm to 7 pm 

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, if you pay through our web site 

What types of dessert do you serve?

At the moment we have just Colombian Obleas and Fruits merengue 

On events you can find waffles, crepes, Pudding Rice, Ice Cream 

Where can I find your menu prices?

On our Website all our products are there with prices and description 

Can I buy desserts to go?

Yes, we have only Pick up orders means TOGO we have 2 options to eat at the moment of pick up or To Go to eat at home or gift. 

Do you deliver?

Our delicious Obleas  can be delivered right to you through our website,  saturday options 

Do you serve vegan items?

Yes we have Obleas vegan options.

Do you serve gluten-free items?

Not, unfortunately our Obleas are not Gluten Free but the Fruits merengue Yes

Are you nut-free?

Yes but just Kid Obleas No 

How many types of Colombian Obleas do you have? 

Currently we have 14 signature Colombian Obleas but on events you can build your own experiences with more than 7 different sauces, 12 toppings and fruits 

Are you the only place in Canada to buy Colombian Obleas? 

Yes we are launching and introducing this new product here in Canada 

Do you have any programming for your events? 

Yes, on Instagram we post every event that we have, city, Day and schedule