We are a Colombian desserts shop where we are introducing a new product in Canada we are the only business who are selling this dessert calling Oblea Obleas are very thin, round brown wafers—almost like a flattened waffle cone, but lighter—that are spread with sweet arequipe (Colombia's caramel) on top or between two wafers to create a delicious dessert sandwich.

We are a family business conformed of 4 people his a brief description of who conforms my family Meet the Togo Zo Yummy Family We are an enterprising family, “berraca” means fighters and dreamers, united and full of desire to share with the Canadian community the gastronomic delights of our country: Colombia. Mom Andrea is creative, passionate and always vigilant that all Togo Zo Yummy products leave the kitchen to your table with the best flavor and presentation. Dad Mauricio is the one who watches that the figures are always up to date to continue growing as a company.

Teenager Nicolás is the star Chef of Togo Zo Yummy, he prepares each dish taking care of every detail so that the true Colombian flavor reaches your table baby Isabelita, the youngest of the family is the one who, with her tenderness and joy, injects a spontaneous atmosphere into this house. of desserts and Colombian delicacies Togo Zo Yummy. This growing business has been on Canadian soil for 3 years and hopes to continue doing so to be one of the best places to enjoy with your family. We are waiting for you to learn more about our beautiful family and to be part of it. We want to convert our TOGO ZO YUMMY into a place not just for Colombian or Latin American people we want to be the perfect place for Canadians and other cultures to try and enjoy something delicious in their free time and why not in a job day sharing with their families, friends and meet people.